Father’s Day, 2021

Every Father’s Day of late, I’ve been telling stories about how awesome my dad was. But there was another side to the guy, and that’s what I’d like to talk about today, because I think it’s vital. It’s important. It has rarely been more important than now to let reality shine through your love.

We, as a species — and I’m putting it that way because this seems to cross cultures in a big way — tend to want to put people in the good box, or the bad box. We’re pretty terrible at nuance, where relationships are concerned, familial or otherwise.

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Rapid Onset Gender Chafing

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria isn’t real. There is, however, a condition that definitely exists that takes hold once you’ve been shown what it’s like to live as your authentic self and have to go back to not doing so shortly thereafter. Here’s my imprecise explanation of what I’m calling rapid onset gender chafing.