Sofa Justice Warriors Live — Star Citizen V3 and Elite Dangerous

Joe drops into an absolutely unplayable beta 3 of Star Citizen — PC gaming’s greatest scam of all time — a game, though broken, he ran just fine about a month ago, and gets so frustrated with the thing running terribly that he switches to Elite Dangerous after about an hour.

Seriously. Seconds. Per. Frame.

Opening rant is about capitalism and the American medical system and how terribly broken they are.

Sofa Justice Warriors Live — Not Dark Souls

Joe and Kelly spend two hours trying to get Dark Souls to work properly. That’s the game we tried to beat. Not Dark Souls the game. Dark Souls the program. Trying to get the laziest PC port this side of Arkham Knight to function. At all. Then in hour three, we give up and play Drawful with our twitch mods. This is a serious trainwreck of a show, so if you aim to be entertained, there’s fun to be had, but if you’re looking for Dark Souls, it ain’t happenin’.

Sofa Justice Warriors Live — Star Citizen and Path of Exile

Boy howdy, do we have an episode for you! Joe slogs hilariously through the buggiest non-game since Digital Homicide went bust while lamenting what should be his dream game. Then, for part two, he bounces over to a game that actually works for some brainless monster-smashing as the chat asks him about his contrarian movie opinions. This was one for the ages, folks. Hope you enjoy it!