Sofa Justice Warriors Live — Star Citizen and Path of Exile

Boy howdy, do we have an episode for you! Joe slogs hilariously through the buggiest non-game since Digital Homicide went bust while lamenting what should be his dream game. Then, for part two, he bounces over to a game that actually works for some brainless monster-smashing as the chat asks him about his contrarian movie opinions. This was one for the ages, folks. Hope you enjoy it!

SJW Live — Privateer – The story missions (and scary spider attack)

Having previously obtained the best gear in record time, Joe starts tackling the story missions of Wing Commander: Privateer. Topics include #MeToo, and how easy it is to radicalize a young man.

Also, there’s a horrific spider attack in the middle of the stream. So, y’know, I guess you can count this as our Halloween episode this year.