The Last Rites of Joseph D. Olson — Jolene’s Trans Vlog

In 2020, I had surgery. Not that one. And what was meant to merely ease my physical pain did so much more, setting me down a path of dog hair and epiphanous trans discovery.

For him, you, and myself, here I perform the last rites of Joseph D. Olson.

Glad to be back. Enjoy!

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Site updates, Episode Scripts, and the New Direction

In the run-up to the relaunch, I’ve done a bit of work on the site. Mostly minor cosmetic adjustments, since we’ve ditched the comfy basement pastiche in favor of something a little closer to my own personal aesthetic. But that’s not all!

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I Have Socially Transitioned – Jolene’s Transition Vlog

In this video, Jolene explains her evolving gender identity, what socially transitioning – gender-wise – can change, and goes into where she’s been, which touches on the topic of why creators create, and what could make some of us stop.

Rapid Onset Gender Chafing

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria isn’t real. There is, however, a condition that definitely exists that takes hold once you’ve been shown what it’s like to live as your authentic self and have to go back to not doing so shortly thereafter. Here’s my imprecise explanation of what I’m calling rapid onset gender chafing.

Sofa Justice Warriors Episode 11 — Star Trek TNG – The Outcast

Jo and Tamsin talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation’s The Outcast. 1992’s decisive answer to the often unquestioned excuse of “well, this media is more than twenty years old. Of course it was terrible about queer people.”

Star Trek dealt with trans stuff, and we made an episode about it.